Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dear Braxton

Dear Braxton,
Life is so better because of you! Your father, grandmother, aunt and I headed to the hospital around 11pm on April 28th. I was so ready for you to arrive, I took teaspoons of castor oil and walked our neighborhood, determined to get you out, but after 24 hours of labor you decided you were ready in your true Taurus fashion. You spent ten days in the NICU and I never cried so much in my life, I prayed God would provide me with strength and ensure that you were of great health and he did! Your aunt and your fathers youngest sister gave you your Igbo name; Kamsiyochukwu, which means what I ask of God. I'm not sure how she decided or knew, but I can still remember the time I spoke to God and asked him for a child. I didn't ask for a time, I didn't ask for the gender, but only for him to bless with me being a mother one day. I'm honored and so thankful he gave me exactly what I needed.

Nothing that I did before will ever compare to the life that you've given me. You laugh and smile and we even think you can talk. Your Gigi has never been more happy in her life, I'm sure you've saved us all. I love your father more because of you. I'm learning and applying patience, because of you. I think before I react, because of you. I want to be closer to God and live and be a better person because of you and I will, my son all for and because of you.

Love Always!
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