Saturday, February 4, 2017


Happy Sunday!
Just checking in on this Superbowl Sunday AKA My birthday! I've always put so much into birthday plans, that this year it came so fast, when you're preparing for a child, you're birthday is the last thing on the list. So let's see between the Zika virus being anywhere I'd love to go and not having wine or being around loud music, it was get dressed and have a spa day and end it with dinner. 
I have this skirt already and had to go purchase it again, as none of my bottoms fit, I've gained about 18lbs and I'm in my third trimester as of last week so I hope I don't gain another pound lol. I however will never complain as I still can't believe God has given me such a great title of becoming a mother this year!
Talk Soon!
Outfit Details
Skirt-Its Fashion
Shoes and Bag-Zara