Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winter Brights

Hey Belles!

If you follow me on IG, I posted a few pictures of my birthday weekend in Jamaica. Leaving perfect 80 degree weather to it snowing here in Charlotte is no fun and my body agreed. I want to keep the blog running here anyway, so let's get into a look that didn't make it on the blog before.
Even though these pictures didn't come up in the best quality, I wanted to still share with you all. I hear so often, people say that they can't wear certain things during different seasons. Whenever I'm shopping (like everyday smh) I always think of the many ways I can wear the piece. This allows me to get more for my money. For someone like myself, I wear brights often so blending them into my wardrobe for the colder months is always something that I do.
I found this skirt when I was thrifting a few months ago and I love it dearly. There are so many colors you can pull from and create different looks. I completed the look with a cozy sweater and neon pumps. 

Outfit Details
Heels-Make Me Chic

Hope all is well.
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