Friday, July 3, 2015



I hope you're all getting read to enjoy your weekend! I was supposed to post these photos a few weeks ago, but I've been attempting to get rid of the extra pounds I've added :( 

Blogging keeps me accountable for my weight, because I can definitely see it in my photos and my three month hiatus this year, was not my friend at all!

Anywho, I thrifted this dress and the colors are just perfect! I decided to pair it with my old Penny loves Kenny platforms and my go to cardigan. I have quite a few of these cardigans that are lightweight and I like to pair during all months.

I'm spending my weekend at the beach and will be updating looks from my mini getaway over the next week or so!

Outfit Details
Cardigan-Ann Taylor
Platforms-Kenny Loves Penny

Talk Soon!
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