Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chic Wish


I was going to explain why there hasn't been any fashion on this blog here, but I rather not relive the things that have really irked my nerves.
 I love this Gospel song,that says you have to encourage yourself, it is so true, if someone isn't being supportive and doesn't understand your vision, don't share your goals with everyone. Where there is a will there is a way and nothing is getting in my way. So thanks to my friend Kayla for helping with my blog pictures today,she was so excited and actually happy to help.
Let's get into my outfit!! I loveeeeeee this skirt from Chic Wish, even though it makes me look like a cupcake, it's so full and fun and chic! I want this skirt in all colors. Chic Wish is a China based company, so it did take a few weeks to receive, but you can always expedite. This was my first purchase, but now that I know, I want this skirt in all colors and the quality is awesome, I'll be ordering again soon. 
I paired this skirt with a mens button up and a dress I purchased from Boohoo a few years ago, that was too short.
Hope you loved my look as I think it's perfect for Valentines and any Aquarius birthdays coming up, like mine!
Stay Encouraged!!
Outfit Details
Top-American Eagle
Talk Soon!
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Do it Yourself and Often!

I love decorating as much as I love Fashion. I'm definitely going to start including different segments on this blog. I'm always into some DIY idea at home and they usually come out great.
These pictures are from my Play Room; a guest room, that I use as my walk in closet. I have a Room Tour on my Youtube Channel. You can click the link below

Talk Soon,

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