Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Just reflecting back on  my year of fashion for 2014 and all my different hair swings LOL. 

2014 was a tough year for me. I feel like it flew by and I wasn't very successful in achieving things that I wanted to get done with my blog and other aspects of my life. When I sit back and think of the places I didn't visit or blog post I should of made; I feel like a major slacker, but then I realize I have to be grateful and praise myself for the changes I made.

I have grown spiritually. I made a better attempt at meeting new people, not judging others and enjoying different cultures. So yes I may not be able to show the numbers of the goals I wanted to make, but I made changes in myself that I've been trying to change for the last ten years now.

I can;t think of anything that stays on my mind or makes me happier besides my family than fashion and sometimes I feel like giving up, but then what? I don't feel like God placed me hear to sit at my desk and wait until 4:30 or Friday to come for the rest of my life.

I thank anyone reading for stopping by and I encourage you all to chase your dreams and never give up.

 I'm holding myself accountable for this year and December 31st 2015, I'll have a better list to share and greater news!

Have a Blessed New Year
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