Saturday, February 8, 2014


Happy February Loves,
This Wednesday, I was blessed to turn 26. Would you believe I purchased 4 birthday dresses? I just love this month, with my birthday and Valentines, I'm sure I will wear the other dresses soon.
I purchased this dress from Instagram, it was the last dress I purchased and the one I felt was more appropriate for a weekday. The company was very professional, I ordered the dress on Friday and received it on Monday. The dress is flirty, feminine and fun. My style in a nutshell.
I enjoyed my birthday with my parents and finished it off at a great dinner.
I'm so blessed to say, I could think of nothing I wanted or needed this year, as I grow older, I reflect on whats most important and try to limit my wants and focus on my needs.
I'm in the process of moving into my new great condo, but will be back with more fashion post soon.
Outfit Details
Dress-Certified Apparel Boutique
Boots-Sheik shoes
Talk soon!
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