Monday, December 30, 2013

Plus Size DIY Tutu

Looks who's being a productive little bee!

I've received such a great response on my tulle skirt, I thought I post a how to video on Youtube.
I just want to commend anyone for making Youtube videos, this has been on my to do list forever! It's very time consuming and a little bit much initially. I just felt so slow! Lol. Editing the timing and music and trying to figure out how to make my words sparkle (as you can see, that didn't make the cut) 

One of my many new year's resolution, is to be a closer, to me that means to finish my projects more, my goals, all the great ideas, I write at work in the middle of the day.

I want to push myself to reach my highest potential. So here's my starter video, the next one will be better I promise!


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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Merry Chic Christmas!!

Happy Holidays Loves!
I know I went a little picture post crazy, but I loved all of these pics and couldn't narrow them down and that hardly happens EVER! When I saw this look in my head, I said to my self, Caramel Carrie is back. In my mind, I'm a fashionable New Yorker, who runs around in tulle and leather and no one looks twice, but I live in Charlotte, NC, so I tend to only bring out these looks for special occasions. Since today is Christmas, I took the opportunity to wear my tulle skirt I made during the summer. I plan on using a few of the pics for my new portfolio. This look to me sums me up; vibrant, girly with an eclectic edge. 

I hope your enjoying your holiday.

Talk Soon!

Outfit Details
Skirt-Made by myself
Heels-G by Guess
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