Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in Chic

I know, I'm on picture overload today!

I work the typical Monday through Friday 9-6 pm type of job. I spend just about all my time at work! That is all I'm going to say about my place of employment lol. I've always worked in corporate office settings and it shows by the pictures. The majority of my clothes I purchase for the work week. I still enjoy displaying my style, so I like outfits that can transition into whatever is going on during the week. I know what works best for my body, so the majority of the time, I'm wearing A-line skirts, fitted slacks or a pencil skirt ( I own pencil skirts in just about every print and color you can imagine). There are many females that do not understand the difference between club and work, probably unless your doing some serious layering they should never meet. The last dress, I have worn out before, but as you can see, I layered it with a blazer and thick tights for work. I hope this gave you guys some inspiration of what to wear and show your style at work.

P.S. Just about everything I'm wearing is thrifted, besides the shoes, if you have specific questions, leave a comment below.

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Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day!! I have really enjoyed my extended weekend and I will be at work tomorrow full of life lol. I decided to keep it really simple today. My friend who usually takes me pics is expecting very soon, so my lovely mom helped me out today. I'm uploading this posts from my phone, as soon as I'm home, I will get back to blog business..starting with my template!! I love this vibrant red skirt, it screams fire. I wanted to me relaxed today, still sexy which is why I showed a little skin, but not too much as I'm with family today. Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, besides my Zara heels.
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