Sunday, July 28, 2013

SummerFest Fun

These pictures are from my Instagram, as I didn't have my camera with me. Since The Mrs. Carter Tour, sold out instantly; I had no choice, but to find something else to do this weekend. On Friday I attended the Summerfest which is an annual event in Charlotte. The Summerfest in similar to Coachella; outside performances, where you can drink, eat, sit out on the lawn if you prefer and relax. The America's Most Wanted Tour with T. I., Lil Wayne and 2Chainz was the act for this year and they were great! I haven't attended a rap concert since about ten years ago. It really was a great show and I'm glad I attended. I spent Saturday thrifting (more on that soon), dinner and  hanging out at the Epic Center. I love when my friends come visit, as they live 3 hours away. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Talk Soon,