Monday, June 3, 2013

Curvy Caramel Carrie Bradshaw

The inspiration pic, love the floral on floral.

I know you've heard it a million times before, but Carrie Bradshaw is the best style description and inspiration; I can truly say is really identical to my style. The colorful, fun, mix printing, sometime eclectic style, but always chic; just really sums me up. I went to a wedding a few days ago and this is what I wore. I love this dress! I try not to go to Ross often, they always have at least ten dresses I want lol. For the price it really isn't bad, but I never want to go overboard. I have even worn it backwards with the zipper in front as well. I still feel awful for not purchasing the shorts for this floral blazer last year, I couldn't fit them (as if that ever stopped me before lol). I hope you all enjoy your week.

Talk Soon,

Outfit Details
 Blazer-  Thrifted-Goodwill (Ballentyne, Charlotte, NC)
Shoes-Vincent Camuto via Dillards