Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fashion Bombshell of the Day!!!

I was so excited today that I was featured on the most popular fashion website, that I know! I have been a long time reader of this site for at least five years and I have always wanted to submit. So finally a few days ago, I just said what the hell, why am I waiting to be a certain size, a certain look, I like to think we should all embrace ourselves the way that we are. I am on a constant weight loss journey, that when I am ready I will share, but in the mean time, I will stick to sharing Fashion. Fashionbombdaily, is known to have very colorful readers who are not so nice, but everyone is able to have their opinion and from the looks of it, they just hated my lipstick lol. Honestly, I don't always like my lipstick, which is why I have so many shades of pink, I have yet to find the perfect one lol. Anywho, this made my day! I love Fashion, I always have, I love creating, sewing, designing, dressing my friends. I feel like it's my thing, some may not be so good at it, but I love it and will always share my style! Enough of the talking, thank you guys for viewing!

Talk Soon,