Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dolled Up

I'm working on putting together a portfolio including my style and designs and my great friend came over yesterday and we had  a ball. I will be posting other looks soon.  Who doesn't love to be fabulous for under 11.00! I hardly ever spend much on clothes and I tend to have frequent splurging on shoes! I purchased this blazer a few days ago from my local Goodwill, I wasn't going to purchase it initially as I have so many blazers, but I'm so glad I did. While in the store, I saw a older lady checking out this dress. Whenever I'm in thrift stores, sometimes I will stalk someone who has a piece I love in their hand, until they put it back lol. I'm so grateful she did, because these two items just fit perfectly. Sometimes, I just have a vision of a really great outfit and this was one of those time. This outfit really sums up my style; fun flirty and extra girly. What I like to call a curvy cocktail of Carrie Bradshaw; courtesy of Charleston, SC lol.  I hope everyone is enjoying their Mother's Day.

Talk soon.

Outfit details
Blazer- Goodwill
Dress -Goodwill
Shoes- Penny loves Kenney