Monday, May 20, 2013


So this dress has been in my closet for the last 2 1/2 years or so. It's a size 10 (which with older clothes most of the time is a 12-14)  and initially it was done to my ankles. Either way, I loved it at first sight, but of course no one else did. Many times, my best friend will think I'm crazy for purchasing certain items, but I knew this dress had potential! I was going to hem the dress first, but I decided to cut it and liked how it looked sorta edgy, so I left it alone. The tomato color heels were perfect with the dress. To top this off, this dress has pockets, that is and always will be a winner! I really believe I have a "thrift gift" when it comes to finding items, I can always spot a gem in the corner; that everyone else will leave.

I hope you guys enjoy your Monday!

Talk soon,

Outfit Details
Dress-Community Thrift Summerville, SC
Shoes-Charlotte Russe
Clutch-taken from my mommy:)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Logic to my style!

Hey you guys!!

Step1. Purchase 4.00 thrifted dress
Step2.  Purchase killer shoe
Step3. Magic!!

This is kind of the logic to my shopping; finding a unique piece, adding a trending killer heel and there you have it, magic!! I love this dress! I have had it for three years; it is a size medium and I even wore it when I was a 3x!! It's always best to try things on, you never know what you will have forever!!

Outfit Details
Dress-Community Thrift (Summerville, SC)
Bag-Just Fab

Talk soon,


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fashion Bombshell of the Day!!!

I was so excited today that I was featured on the most popular fashion website, that I know! I have been a long time reader of this site for at least five years and I have always wanted to submit. So finally a few days ago, I just said what the hell, why am I waiting to be a certain size, a certain look, I like to think we should all embrace ourselves the way that we are. I am on a constant weight loss journey, that when I am ready I will share, but in the mean time, I will stick to sharing Fashion. Fashionbombdaily, is known to have very colorful readers who are not so nice, but everyone is able to have their opinion and from the looks of it, they just hated my lipstick lol. Honestly, I don't always like my lipstick, which is why I have so many shades of pink, I have yet to find the perfect one lol. Anywho, this made my day! I love Fashion, I always have, I love creating, sewing, designing, dressing my friends. I feel like it's my thing, some may not be so good at it, but I love it and will always share my style! Enough of the talking, thank you guys for viewing!

Talk Soon,

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dolled Up

I'm working on putting together a portfolio including my style and designs and my great friend came over yesterday and we had  a ball. I will be posting other looks soon.  Who doesn't love to be fabulous for under 11.00! I hardly ever spend much on clothes and I tend to have frequent splurging on shoes! I purchased this blazer a few days ago from my local Goodwill, I wasn't going to purchase it initially as I have so many blazers, but I'm so glad I did. While in the store, I saw a older lady checking out this dress. Whenever I'm in thrift stores, sometimes I will stalk someone who has a piece I love in their hand, until they put it back lol. I'm so grateful she did, because these two items just fit perfectly. Sometimes, I just have a vision of a really great outfit and this was one of those time. This outfit really sums up my style; fun flirty and extra girly. What I like to call a curvy cocktail of Carrie Bradshaw; courtesy of Charleston, SC lol.  I hope everyone is enjoying their Mother's Day.

Talk soon.

Outfit details
Blazer- Goodwill
Dress -Goodwill
Shoes- Penny loves Kenney

Saturday, May 11, 2013

90's Love

First, let's hear it for my friend Saba and these awesome photos she took! I definitely could not have done a better job. I thrifted this top about a month ago, brand new with the tag on; it is actually 100% silk and was per the retail tag 129.00, of course I only paid 4.00! It definitely has that Versace 90's era feel. My skirt is a skater dress that I have worn  previously. Spring is truly here in Charlotte and I'm loving that I can dress as such. I had such a great day today with this perfect weather, having girl talk and catching up with my friend. I hope everyone enjoys their Mother's Day tomorrow.

Talk Soon

Outfit Details
Skirt-skater dress from Deb's

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sporty Saturday

I hardly ever dress down, so I made sure, I documented this moment! I had tons of running around to do yesterday and I wanted to be very comfortable. Of course if I'm going to try the Sporty Luxe trend, I had to add my own spend and include lots of pink. I purchased these Pink Converse last weekend on my lovely get away to Nashville. Baseball caps are all the rave for the Spring and I love this one I scored from Target. All the other pieces just came together; I love these BCBG leggings I scored from Value Village for 6.00; yes I never lose on a thrift. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Talk Soon

Outfit Details
Baseball cap-Target
Jacket-Mango for JcPenney
Peplum Top-Asos Curve
Faux leather pants-BCBG via Value Village
Chuck Taylor Converse-Converse