Saturday, March 16, 2013

Glam Thrifter


As many of you can probably tell, I love to shop! I love shopping for myself, my home and others, it's just what I do. I also kill for a deal. This entire outfit cost me all of 18.00! I have always had this logic to spend big on bags, coats and shoes. Buying pieces in my ever changing wardrobe can get crazy, which is why I thrift shop. I get about 85% of my wardrobe from thrift shops, what is new was always at one point old; peplum, prints, palazzo pants and short suits, that we see now, have already been siting in my closet, thanks to thrifting. The majority of the clothes, I purchase are new with tags on. The key to thrifting is being patient and persistence, or like my dad would say con-sis-ten-cy!! It excites me to pick pieces that are one of a kind, actual real vintage items. I shop online often too, but only for items I'm drooling over; that can't be found at say Goodwill or Value Village. Thirfting is becoming sort of a trend these days, but I'm a "thrift guru" lol; which is why I named myself Glam Thrifter. I'm a master at thrifting all things; fun, fab and glamorous. I plan on shooting my first Youtube video soon on...thrifting of course!

I hope your enjoying your weekend!

Talk Soon
Headband-Value Village
100% silk top-Goodwill 4.00
Line trousers- Community thrift 4.00
Wedges-Rugged warehouse 10.00!!