Monday, December 30, 2013

Plus Size DIY Tutu

Looks who's being a productive little bee!

I've received such a great response on my tulle skirt, I thought I post a how to video on Youtube.
I just want to commend anyone for making Youtube videos, this has been on my to do list forever! It's very time consuming and a little bit much initially. I just felt so slow! Lol. Editing the timing and music and trying to figure out how to make my words sparkle (as you can see, that didn't make the cut) 

One of my many new year's resolution, is to be a closer, to me that means to finish my projects more, my goals, all the great ideas, I write at work in the middle of the day.

I want to push myself to reach my highest potential. So here's my starter video, the next one will be better I promise!


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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Merry Chic Christmas!!

Happy Holidays Loves!
I know I went a little picture post crazy, but I loved all of these pics and couldn't narrow them down and that hardly happens EVER! When I saw this look in my head, I said to my self, Caramel Carrie is back. In my mind, I'm a fashionable New Yorker, who runs around in tulle and leather and no one looks twice, but I live in Charlotte, NC, so I tend to only bring out these looks for special occasions. Since today is Christmas, I took the opportunity to wear my tulle skirt I made during the summer. I plan on using a few of the pics for my new portfolio. This look to me sums me up; vibrant, girly with an eclectic edge. 

I hope your enjoying your holiday.

Talk Soon!

Outfit Details
Skirt-Made by myself
Heels-G by Guess
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pretty Blues

Happy Thanksgiving Loves!
I enjoyed spending my Thanksgiving with my family and friends today. I'm not really into standing in long lines, during the holidays so I'll be in tonight and tomorrow. I'm a little excited to see what I find online this Monday, during the cyber sales. I'm in search for the perfect wrap coat, wish me luck!

I've noticed my closet holds a lot of the same colors; pink, purples, greens and blues. I seem to gravitate to the same colors whenever I'm shopping. I love these wedges, they are over a year old and I have never really worn them out. The suede royal blue and silver platform are so perfect and glam for the colder months. I loved this blazer when I found it at a Goodwill a few months ago. It's been sitting in my closet, waiting to be worn, that's what usually happens until a light bulb goes off in my head with  a perfect outfit idea. I hardly ever wear jeans and this may be the first time in over a year, you see a post with me wearing any. Whenever I do decide to swing to the denim side, I love to glam it up.
I'm so thankful for everyone who stops by, my little blog, it truly means a lot to me.

Outfit Details

                                                                         Talk soon!
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Summer Shots

Happy Saturday Loves!

These shots were taken back in July and somehow never found their way onto the blog. Rarely do I wear shorts and not want to rush and take them off, so I definitely needed to document this moment! Scrolling through my pictures through my laptop, made me realize how much I despise the colder months. I'm pretty sure I shop much more during Spring and Summer. I wear bright colors throughout the year, but I find myself losing my creative spunk around this time of the year; so I'm spending my weekend cleaning out my closets! I can't wait to show you guys my winter looks and blog makeover. 

Hope your enjoying your weekend!

Outfit Details
Top-Thrifted-Originally from Target
Heels-Kenny Loves Penny

Talk Soon!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Target Treats

Hey Loves!

I posted these pictures to my Instagram (without the outfit details, oops!)  and forgot to show them here on the blog.

When I'm not shopping for unique thrifted pieces, I love to shop at Target! I have not been disappointed especially by any of the designer collaborations. This time around, the Philip Lim for Target pieces were full of vibrant colors and prints. Initially, I waited in the long line and purchased more items than what I needed. I ended up keeping just the skirt, but I'm wishing I hadn't returned the matching sweater.
 I wore this outfit to The Drake concert here in Charlotte. The knee high trend is back in and I love the school girl feel, but decided to toughen up my look with my ZJO boots by ZigiNY. I love these boots and they are surprisingly comfortable for a 6in heel.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Outfit Details
Skirt- Philip Lim for Target
Knee high socks- Steve Madden 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Courtesy of Charleston

Hello Loves!

I often get comments about, "not dressing like I'm from the South" when it comes to my style. I sometimes, take this as a half way compliment; style can come from any region of the world. I thought I'd start a style feature on the blog. Showcasing some of my stylish friends, all of course from my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

First up! Meet Candace!
I've known Candace, since high school and she has always been nothing less than fabulous, fun and fierce!

 Describe your style and who gives you style Inspiration?
 I'm in to all types of styles and brands of clothing. I'm a laid back girl and it shows in what I wear, I'm not into over the top, I like to do just enough. Being that I'm a plus size woman, there isn't a lot I have to choose from. Majority of the pics I post on Instagram and Facebook is normally an outfit I just put together. My sister is my style inspiration, she's a fly girl and her opinion matters the most to me. 

                    What is your go to outfit or item, that always works.
 My acid washed jeans from Torrid that I love and they seem to go with almost everything I wear, from flats to heels and they're super comfortable. I wish I purchased 3 at one time. Lol

Favorite place to shop in Charleston or surrounding area, can even be family member closet etc. 
I honestly don't have a favorite place to shop in Charleston, but the place I shop the most is Forever21. I guess it would be considered my favorite place, because I'm seriously ALWAYS there. lol

Your most overused Geechie phrase or word.
It would have to be between "maaaan gone" and "girl please" lol 
(If your not familiar with our unique Gullah culture, you would really need to visit our fabulous city to understand that last question, or Google a little bit lol.)
You can follow Candace on IG @caliicambolove

Do you know any fashionable Charleston,SC natives? Email me their info and include a few pics at

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love Gram

Instagram, is by far the love of my life, when it comes to social media. Never have I felt like a social site fit for me. I have been able to meet new people, network, work on my business and even gain fashionable friends. Honestly, before I joined Instagram, I never knew, how important it were to do my eyebrows. LOL.
I update my Instagram, often as its quicker, when you have a friend near, to take a picture of your daily outfits. Again, the majority of these items are thrifted, besides the shoes. Any questions, leave a comment and I'll make sure to respond.

I hope your all enjoying your weekend.

You can follow me if you aren't @asouthernchicchick

Talk Soon,

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in Chic

I know, I'm on picture overload today!

I work the typical Monday through Friday 9-6 pm type of job. I spend just about all my time at work! That is all I'm going to say about my place of employment lol. I've always worked in corporate office settings and it shows by the pictures. The majority of my clothes I purchase for the work week. I still enjoy displaying my style, so I like outfits that can transition into whatever is going on during the week. I know what works best for my body, so the majority of the time, I'm wearing A-line skirts, fitted slacks or a pencil skirt ( I own pencil skirts in just about every print and color you can imagine). There are many females that do not understand the difference between club and work, probably unless your doing some serious layering they should never meet. The last dress, I have worn out before, but as you can see, I layered it with a blazer and thick tights for work. I hope this gave you guys some inspiration of what to wear and show your style at work.

P.S. Just about everything I'm wearing is thrifted, besides the shoes, if you have specific questions, leave a comment below.

Talk Soon,


Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day!! I have really enjoyed my extended weekend and I will be at work tomorrow full of life lol. I decided to keep it really simple today. My friend who usually takes me pics is expecting very soon, so my lovely mom helped me out today. I'm uploading this posts from my phone, as soon as I'm home, I will get back to blog business..starting with my template!! I love this vibrant red skirt, it screams fire. I wanted to me relaxed today, still sexy which is why I showed a little skin, but not too much as I'm with family today. Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, besides my Zara heels.
Talk Soon

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Sass

Hey you guys!

FYI!! I had no choice, but to allow my mom to snap these pics, as she was the only one around, before I went out this day lol.

Anywho, this is a thrifted dress, that I purchased last year for 4.00! I just added the slits to the dress. Again, there is nothing that is new when it comes to fashion and I can find any and everything at a thrift store lol. I can tell by the seams in this dress, that it was hand sewn. The great thing about thrifted items is that clothes made years ago, were well made and I can always tell by the great, thick fabric that is used. I know a lot of people have been on the fence about the gladiator heels, but these are extremely comfortable and I love them! I will definitely be including them in my Fall and Winter wardrobe as well.

Happy Hump Day.

Talk Soon,

Outfit Details