Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue Magic

So last night my best friend and I went to Blue Magic, it's a club in Charleston that we frequent often. I decided to wear my forever 21 plus one should dress again. I have really been trying to shop my closet. I saw a post a while back on StyleandPoise blog about wearing everything in your closet within one year and whatever isn't worn can be donated. I'm not sure about the donating, but I'm definitely going to attempt to wear everything twice. I just love my wedges from Aldo, I didn't even realize to pair them with this dress earlier. I stalked them on Aldo for about six months and finally scored for 34.97 and the floral black pair for 24.98, I just love the silver pointy toe wedge. Well I included more pics below enjoy.

Shoes Aldo~Dress Forever21 Plus~